URGENT ACTION ALERT! Please Post & Share widely. Faxes quickly needed from individuals, women’s organizations, and human rights groups, to support Saudi women’s-rights activists, Wajeha al Huweidar and Fawzia Al-’Ayouni, sentenced to 10 months in prison and a two-year travel ban for “encouraging” a French Canadian woman “to defy” her allegedly abusive Saudi husband. Experience has proven what works most effectively are direct pleas to the King–in a polite, not critical, tone, with no disrespect expressed about Sharia law–urging his intervention. It’s useful to mention that Saudi Arabia sits on the executive council of U.N.Women and would be publicly compromised by this inappropriate persecution of two women who were merely bringing food to a hungry woman and her children after her husband had left them locked in without food or water. Time is short. Letters should be faxed to:
His Majesty, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Fax: +966-1-491-2726
H.E. Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul El Karim Abdul Azziz El Issa
Minister of Justice, Fax: +966-1-401-1741
Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abulaziz,
Minister of Interior, Fax: +966-1-1442-0057
With a copy to: The Human Rights Commission, Fax: +966 1 461 2061, Email: info@hrc.gov.sa